Smart Farming Solutions

Field kit brings together the best in class sensors/controllers, network capabilities and monitoring software to offer guidance, project management and installation of a customised system that is aligned to your specific needs. Together with our partners we offer an end to end solution specialising in Internet of Things and AgTech solutions for your landscape.

Located in Bendigo, Central Victoria we are smart farming solutions provider available to support Ag Tech across Australia and internationally. We work with a number of specialist partners including agronomists, network solution providers and hardware partners to provide customised solutions for you across the agricultural industry.

A commitment and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and the benefits of monitoring and data systems to agriculture is at our core. Technology has now evolved to give you the data to help support in navigating issues relating to health, climate, resource management, expenditure and ROI across verticals including crops, livestock, orchards, vineyards, hothouses amongst others.

If you’ve already got started but don’t feel you are getting the most out of it or maybe you are just getting started we can help. Contact us today to get started.